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I love to help people feel really seen, not just looked at.

My favorite words to hear from people after I do their hair is, "I feel like myself again!" or "This is how I'm supposed to look!"

People carry themselves differently when their hair shows a true representation on their personality instead of just how they feel like other people think they're "supposed" to look.

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12pm - 5pm

9am - 4pm

11am - 7pm

My Story

I've been doing hair in a salon for 15 years. And in those 15 years I've really worked hard to find my passion and do what it took to bring it to life.

I started out my career in New Hampshire in 2006, then in 2015 I moved to Oregon and my entire career completely changed. I started working in a shop that challenged me to do hair in a way that I had never done it before. I was given the tools, space, and knowledge to take my passion and run with it!

Since then I've dedicated most of my time and attention to continuing to learn more and bring it all to my clients so that they get the absolute best I can give them.

In my free time I love to travel, go to fun costume events and comic cons, karaoke, and check out new restaurants. I also just like hanging out at home reading a good book or watching some Shameless, Doctor Who, or movies. I'm all about doing fun stuff, but I also like those quieter times where you can just enjoy a sweet day.

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